The Shifting Peak

[Session #2] The Bugbears

It Was Just Suppose To Be A Quick Trip To The River ...

Session Log:

Kou twitches and quickly turns around three hundred sixty degrees, scanning the landscape for movement.
As you all are gathering the wood in the sparse forest, you notice three large, lumbering figures walking towards the river … and, more importantly, towards you.
Brennek holds the two “captives” back with one stout arm. “Hold.”
Kou carefully lowers her bundle of kindling and stands up again, lowering her hood calmly as she keeps an eye on the approaching figures.
Gou peers over his sister at the lumbering figures.
“Fight or flight?” Kou says simply, keeping her voice low.
Brennek gently tosses the two towards the undergrowth on the outskirts of the clearing. “Stay down.” He then ducks under his earth-colored cloak, looking remarkably like a boulder.
Kou suppresses a grunt as she breaks her and Gou’s fall and rolls into a crouching position in the brush.
Gou lets out a loud caw as he hits the ground.
Kou shoots an annoyed glance at her brother.
Gou mumbles a tiny ‘sorry’
The lumbering figures enter the clearing where you three were walking around, the setting sun illuminating their figures slightly. The creatures stand around seven feet tall, with the center one about a head taller than the other two. Their yellow-tanned skin is clad with makeshift leather-plated armor. They wear no boots, however their large clawed feet have wraps around them. The larger one wears a long tabard that has a sigil on it. He sniffs the air a bit and grumbles at the two other.
The other two start to circle the area, sniffing a bit and drawing their weapons.
Brennek hisses very slightly, then rips his cloak back and jumps to his feet. He draws his crossbow.
Kou sighs and loosens her belt as she looks at the symbol on the giants’ tabbards.
Brennek to the stone fires a crossbow bolt at the Bugbears, with a shout. “Say hello, Bianca!”
The nearest bugbear which had been circling the eastern side of the clearing gets a crossbow bolt square in the chest, stumbling back a bit. The other two bugbears yell out at the dwarf in goblin.
Brennek grins, though he doesn’t look happy. He focuses fire on the leader and fires two more bolts at him.
The leader stumbles back and grabs at his chest, ripping out the bolts and yelling loudly, likely something about stupid dwarves.
Jas charges forward, opening his jaws and lunging at the left-hand bugbear. He sinks his teeth in deep.
The bugbear yells out in a shrill voice and pushes at the dogs snout.
Jas doesn’t seem to want to let go.
Kou stands up and glares at the remaining bugbear pointing a feathered finger at him and letting out a booming shout far louder than one would expect from such a small-bodied being. “STOP.”
Gou whistles, impressed.
The larger bugbear looks over at the large crow before getting hit by a sound-wave, causing him to stuble back against a tree-trunk. He shakes his head, trying to gain his barrings.
The leader runs forward and swings his morningstar at the shouting crow, yelling, “BIRD WILL NOT SQUACK UNLESS TALKED TOO!”
Kou turns in time to see the direction of the blow, crouching in the same twisting motion to shift just below the swing. “How rude.”
The bugbear being attacked by the large dog yells out in pain as he slams his morningstar at the dog’s head, trying to get it to release him. It succeeds, but the dog looks a lot more angry now. The blood is pouring out of the bugbear’s left hand.
Gou stands up and waves his hand, smirking, “I believe the lady said stop,” He says, smirking down at him, “Are you alright, Pigeon?”
The leader blinks at the second large crow and slowly lowers the morningstar, his face crumpled up as it is apperant that he is doing so against his will.
Gou snickers
Brennek runs out of range of the bugbear bearing down on him and mentally goes over his shots. He has 2 more before he must reload.
The bugbear notices the dwarf start to back away and swings his morning downwards in a powerful attack, but the dwarf dodges it skillfully.
He fires one more at the leader before he can do anything nasty to the crows.
Jas bites the second bugbear again, angrily.
The bugbear yells out as the dog tackles him and starts chomping on his head. After a moment, the bugbear stops moving and resisting the dog.
Gou nods with a smile, removing her belt and holding it slack in her hands, the spheres on each end and the extra chain between nearly touching the ground. “Not to worry, big sis’ is too fast for a brute like him to hit.” She starts spinning one of the ends as she circles away from the leader and around Gou, the sphere picking up speed and seeming to glow before launching the scarlet weight straight towards the dazed bugbear’s head.
Jas is going to town on his companion’s hated goblin foes. He loves it.
“Good bear-dog. Nice bear-dog.” Gou chuckles nervously.
The dazed bugbear looks up just as the scarlet weight hits him square in the head. He slumps down to lean on his morningstar before falling to the ground, likely unconscience.
“You!” Brennek points at the remaining bugbear.
Kou quickly reels the weight back before it has the chance to touch the ground, slinging the further end over her shoulder.
“You’re my favourite,” Mentions the other bird, patting the other on the shoulder cheerfully.
The leading bugbear sees his first underling falls to the ground and then his second be murdered by a large mountain dog. He pauses before getting called out by the Brennek. He then snarls and yells out with all his might, standing at full height and bashing his chest with his fist.
Kou nods and hands the meteor hammer to Gou without slowing the rotation. “Your turn, birdie.”
“Thanks, Dove!” Exclaims the bird as he grabbed it, and immediately tries to hit the leader, but misses the goblin’s head by a few inches, whizzing past it’s ear.
“Oops. Missed.”
The bugbear simply snarls at the birds and utters in common, “Pitiful.”
Kou grabs the middle of the line and shifts the rotation around Gou to return the weights to a more stable rate.
Brennek aims at the leader, and fires. “Scum!”
Jas gets up and bounds forward to try and bite his companion’s target, but overestimates how far he has to lunge and skids past him for about a foot.
The bolt tinks off of the bugbear’s pauldrin and smirks before shifting to one side as the dog jumps past him. “Your head will look good on my harth, dwarf-kin.”
Kou whirls the weight around in an arc identical to the one her brother made towards the leader’s head. This one isn’t a warning swing.
Brennek swears colorfully in dwarven, just to piss off the goblinoid.
The leader smirks and charges at the dwarf.
Kou tries to get an extra swing mid-pass, but the bugbear moves too fast past her for the weight to do anything to him.
The bugbear runs up and yells out in goblin before slamming the head of the morningstar down onto Brennek’s head. A boom of sonic enegry errupts from the contact point, hammering in the already devastating attack.
Brennek yells in pain as the dog howls in anger.
Gou motions for Kou to pass the weapon back and then takes a swing at the goblin.
Gou knocks him in the head, letting out an excited caw.
The bugbear is hit in the head, blinking before slumping forward and falling to the ground.
Kou takes the line back and lets out a sigh. “Secure or leave? Your call, ser.”
Gou looks over to brennek, raising his eyebrows as he slows the weapon down to a stop and hands it back to his friend.
“I’ve never taken a goblin-kin alive before.” He smirks, crouching and checking to see just how down and out this bugbear is.
“I’m going to ask him some questions, then give him the /merciful death/ he’d deny my people. But first I’ll need to wake him up…”
Kou fumbles through her pack and produces a length of rope. “Should we not restrain him first?”
“Naturally.” he hesitates, staring at his charges. “I suppose you have ways to help me speed this along. Don’t ya.”
Kou shrugs. “Can’t promise a masterpiece, but I’ve hog-tied a few ‘livestock’ in my travels.”
It takes a minute, but the crow neatly lash-ties the bugbear’s wrists and ankles together behind him.
Kou looks at the knot again. “Can’t say I’ve tied something up this big before, but it should hold.”
“I see.” He whistles for Jas, who comes over to them panting. “Took a hit, did you old boy?” Jas begins licking his face messily. “No- this is not the time-!”
Kou raises an eyebrow at Jas’ show of affection, leaning into Gou. “Oh, that’s adorable. Like a dog playing with a mouse.”
“Yuck it up, crow.” He pushes the dog down. “But now I need to get serious. As a scout for the King, I have a duty to ask this scum a few questions.”
Kou straightens up and offers an exaggerated salute. “Of course, ser! Shall I aid in the prisoner’s awakening?”
“If you can, I’d appreciate it.”
Kou nods, then points at Gou. “You’re the healer here, it’s your turn.”
“We should have one one day. A little bear dog running ’round our non existant living room, my dove—” Gou binked, “Aw, do I really have to?” He smirked and walked over, pressing a hand onto the creature’s forhead to heal him.
The bugbear starts to stir and grumbles a bit.
Kou quickly puts a hand on Brennak’s shoulder, the pain dulling from the previous blow and relaxing his muscles. “There, that hit before looked like it hurt.”


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